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You know that saying about how every dog resembles its owner? We’ve found that the same thing’s true with sunscreen—we all definitely have “a type”. 

So, in honor International Dog Day on August 26th, we figured a little mash-up was in order. Curious to see how we’re going to tie in our furry friends with human sun protection? So are we. Read on to find out who your Bare Office Dog Spirit Animal is ... and what that means about your sunscreen routine. 

(*Note: this quiz is intended as entertainment and a way to celebrate our furry friends—not as guidance on which sunscreens are safe for use on dogs. Keep in mind that zinc oxide should not be used on dogs; for more on safe sunscreens for furballs, take a peek at this AKC article.)


Our Spirit Animal—and Spirit Sunscreen—Quiz:  


  1. When it comes to outdoor adventuring, my philosophy is— 
a.  A little suffering is good for the soul—Type 2 fun is my jam. 
b.  Anything’s a hoot with the right folks around; if you go, I go! 
c.  Man, I’m made for leisure, you know? Let’s take a walk and stop for margaritas halfway. 
2. Imagine: it’s Saturday, and you’re heading out on a hike with your crew. What’s your role in the group? 
a.  I chose the meeting point, researched the route, and lead the charge. 
b.  I just showed up, but I bring the FUN, baby! 
c.  I like to cruise at the back to make sure everyone’s doing OK ... and, I brought along enough water and snacks and band-aids for an army. 


3. Now: it’s Saturday night, you’re having a post-hike beer, and a bar fight breaks out. What happened? 
a.  I probably started it (but they deserved what was coming to them). 
b . Who cares what happened?!!? If someone’s threatening my buddies I’ve got their back! 
c . Have no fear, friends—I know juuust how to smooth this over.  


4. Finally—that genie in the Hawaiian shirt finally shows up and you get one wish. What is it?  

a.  Power 
b.  Love 
c.  Glory 


Your Spirit Animal—and Spirit Sunscreen—is:  


Answering with mostly A’s? Meet your spirit animals, Archie and Finn.

They're little bossy sometimes, sure, but (mostly) in an endearing way—they just want to make sure everything, and everyone (sheep, cow, or human), stays on track. Planners by nature, they charge hard, and spend their days hiking, swimming, and running for hours on end.  

This crew needs sunscreen that’s as intense and high-performance as their activities, which is why they tend towards Clearscreen and Mineral Sport for maximum protection during outdoor romps.

(p.s. if you *really* take after Archie, we also suspect you might sleep on your back and snore, but that’s a problem for a different dog-blog.) 


Mostly B’s? Team Golden for the win! 


Wrigley (note: answers to Big Wrig) and Chai feel you. These beach babes are as fun-loving as their hair is blonde. But don’t let their bouncy, friendly demeanor fool you: these two are natural athletes and the best team players around. They’re also excellent listeners, the most loyal of friends, and bring a smile with them wherever they go.  

These golden gals look for suncare that can keep them covered during everything from salty swims with friends to an intense day of hiking ... without doing anything to muss up those lovely locks, of course. And they do love an occasional swipe of mineral shimmer, because ... golden.


C’s calling your name? We'll call you Woody and Jasper. 

The elder statesmen of our Bare office dog crew, Woody and Jasper are gents of leisure. They know what’s best in life, which is why they’re all about good company, good food, and long sunny days outside.  

These two think of sunscreen as a leisure-enhancing tool: sure, they like a good SPF, but LOVE an extra few hours of lounging outdoors. For maximum ease of application and relaxation, they think our mineral and Clearscreen sprays are the way to go.  


An answer mutt? Welp ... we’re as confused as you are. When in doubt outdoors, we like to opt for mineral lotion to keep our skin pawtected. 

Want to learn more about what sunscreen actually is safe to put on your pups? Check out this article from AKC!

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