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It’s Fall! You know that that means. Changing colors, cools weather, maybe some sweaters. For this Mountain Chick, though, it means it’s hiking season. I’m based out of Arizona, so in the summer heat, I resort to late night camping in the hopes of escaping the sun for a little bit while still being outside, which usually results in me picking out a campsite, waking up in the A.M., then realizing that my midnight vision of what I thought the site actually looked like, is completely different.

Meh, story of my life. Well those days are over…for now. Anyhow, I am a bit of a lazy hiker/ explorer in the sense that I don’t like going through my pack again and again and again to make sure I have everything. I usually have the same items in my bag or on me, plus or minus a few depending on the weather/ trail.

Below is a list of items I take with me on trail, just about all day every day. *This is a comprehensive list of gear that I bring with me. You will not need every item for every trip.*

Favorite Day Pack/ Go-To: Gregory Packs Citro 25L Favorite Overnight Pack: Gregory Packs JadeClothing Warm Jacket – Patagonia Nano Puff Rain Jacket – The North Face Moisture-wicking T Shirt – Mountain Chicks Classic Tee Quick-drying pants / shorts Swim Suit Buff – Mountain Chicks Yosemite Buff Socks – I get mine from Eddie Bauer Sleepwear Sunglasses Gloves BeanieFootwear Hiking Boots – KEEN Terradora Waterproof MidSandals


Personal Items/Toiletries Wipes Toilet Paper Garbage bag Hand Sanitizer Sunscreen – Bare Republic Lip Balm Bug repellent Compact Mirror Contact Lenses/ Glasses (I’m blind lol) Contact Solution Comb Tea Tree Oil Face Wipes Cotton Balls First Aid Kit Water Bottle Tooth Brush Tooth Paste Para Cord Carabiner

Hanging Around Tent Hammock Sleeping Bag Sleeping Pad Pillow Lantern Folding Camp Chair Headlamp/ Flashlight Batteries Multi-tool Speaker Notebook

Electronics Camera Tripod Memory Cards Camera Batteries Portable Charger Phone Cable Power Converter Car Charger

Food Dehydrated Meals  - Backpacker’s Pantry Pad Thai Oatmeal PROBAR Meal Bars, NuttZo Nut Butter Packets Hardy Fruit (Apples, pears, oranges) Tea Bags

I hope this list serves you well on your next adventure! What do you always pack with you? Leave a comment below and let us know! Don’t forget to shop Mtn Chicks gear when you’re done!

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