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We get it, a stay at home order with the kiddos can seem like a long few weeks with no end in sight! How are you going to fill ALL of your days with fun, entertaining and hopefully (somewhat) educational activities? We can assure you, you're not alone with this task! We've got you covered with fun, simple ideas to get you out of the house (sort of) with supplies that you most likely already have. Read on for activities to keep your family safe, happy and healthy during this time at home! 🙌



Backyard IG LIVE Dance Party - With Bubbles!

Yes, this IS as fun as it sounds! This will be the playdate of the year. Send out an invite to all your friends and neighbors to join your IG LIVE dance party! Turn up the tunes and let the good times roll! 😊

What you'll need:



Family Yoga

Talk about sun salutations! This is the perfect active and positive activity to get moving as a family! Grab your mats (or beach towels) and head out to the lawn. You can free flow or stream a guided practice. There are so many free routines on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook! 🙏

What you'll need:


Backyard Picnic

Take lunch outside! Pretend like you're headed out to the park for an epic picnic. Pack a basket full of yummy goodies for lunch or snacking! Then head out to the backyard and enjoy some sunshine and each other. 😊

What you'll need:


Family Garden

Talk about fun AND educational! This will also teach your kids how to care for other living things, which is pretty cool. Maybe there's a local nursery you can help support during this time by purchasing some fruits, veggies or herbs to grow in your backyard. If you don't have access to purchasing new plants, tend to an area in your yard that could use a little TLC and watch the love grow! 🌱

What you'll need:



Run Through The Sprinklers

We think this is one is pretty self explanatory. Even if you have a pool, there's something so fun about turning on the sprinklers and letting the kids have at it! 💦

What you'll need:


Go Wild With Neon Sunscreen Sticks

Our Neon Sunscreen Sticks provide endless fun and not to forget the BEST mineral sun protection with SPF 50 and 80 minutes water resistance! 🌈

  • Have a contest for who can draw the best design on their face.
  • Come up with a fun theme for your kids to draw on themselves (tribal, retro, superheros, etc).
  • Let them draw on you! (Yes, you might have to take one for the team, but we promise it will be worth it!)

What you'll need:



Pitch A Tent

You don't have to go far for your next camping trip! Pitch a tent in your own backyard and sleep under the stars... or just make some S'mores and then head to bed. 😉

What you'll need:

  • Tent - If you don't have a tent, build a fort! Drape a sheet over a few chairs and voila! A makeshift tent. 
  • Board games for said tent.
  • Have some spooky books laying around? Grab these and a flash light for some storytelling and spooky fun!
  • What would a camping trip be without S'mores? Even if you don't have a fire pit, you can make the S'mores over the stove and enjoy them back at camp.
  • Bare Republic Mineral SPF 30 Face Sunscreen Lotion



Plan Your Next Family Adventure

Having something to look forward to in times like these is so important. This is a great exercise your family can do together. Here's how:

  • Have each family member suggest a destination for your next big outdoor adventure.
  • Write down the destinations on little pieces of paper and put them into a hat. Have someone in your family randomly draw and that will be your next adventure!
  • Give each person in your family a task to come up with one activity to do while on your epic adventure!
  • Create a vision board of your next vacation with magazine clippings or print out inspo.
  • When it's safe to travel again, make it happen!


We hope these activities help to bring some fun and positivity into your household during this time. What's better than spending some QT with your loved ones? Please feel free to reach out to us at any time via or send us a DM at @BareRepublic. Stay safe! 💛


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