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In honor of Earth Month, we are sharing some of our favorite places on EARTH! Every year, we strive to visit at least a couple new National Parks on our bucket list. This year for me (Stefanie here, Bare Republic’s Social Media Manager), I was really looking forward to an epic road trip through Zion and a trip to Nashville combined with exploring the Great Smoky Mountains. However, with everything going on in the world right now, those trips have definitely been postponed.

Lucky for me (and everyone else at home), the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) and Google Earth are bringing the parks straight to your screen with virtual tours that make you feel like you’re standing right in front of Half Dome! While someday I want to hear the dirt crunching beneath my hiking boots, this is more than enough for me right now. Hey, I might even go somewhere this year I never thought I would! ;) 

Here’s our top platforms that are providing virtual tours that will blow your mind:


NPCA YouTube Channel


The National Parks Conservation Association just launched their “Bring The Parks To You” campaign on their YouTube channel! Here you can get an aerial view of the parks and learn a little something about them too with fun facts! Did you know that Denali National Park has remained the same for almost a millennia?




google earth national parks of the US

Google Earth National Parks Of The United States

Google Earth just released “National Parks Of The United States,” a virtual tour of 31 National Parks from Canyonlands to Denali! With the click of a button Google Earth drops you right into an epic area of the park. Check out the ruins of the 1905 gold-mining town (Hollywood movie set) in Death Valley or the reservoir built by ranchers in the early 1900s in Joshua Tree.


Too much screentime lately? Read a book!

national parks of the us

We get it, with quarantine comes A LOT of screen time! Visit a National Park, map out your next trip or get in some entertainment through one of these amazing books:


We hope this gives you a little escape and a way to enjoy our beautiful planet this Earth Month! Being an eco-friendly brand is so important to us as we want to preserve our environment for generations to come. Stay safe & healthy! #GoBareOutside


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